Freesense Single-Use System

Wireless sensor platform for Single-Use Bioreactors

Concerned about gradients in your SUB process, or want more detailed data from throughout your fluid volume?

The Freesense Single-Use System offers unparalleled insights into the conditions in your bioreactor.
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Unique data insights

See your process in more detail than ever before

Our flow-following sensors enable you to build a complete picture of the DO and pH gradients within your bioreactor, to ensure your cells see the best possible conditions for your process.

The data analysis enabled by Freesense's Single-Use System gives you the detailed picture of a CFD model with the trustworthiness of real data from your inline sensors.

Simple deployment,
detailed data

Freesense's in-reactor sensors can be deployed without any changes to your SUB bag, by making use of a standard 3/4" port. By collecting data points throughout the liquid volume, you can analyze your process more deeply than ever before.

Sensors are injected aseptically into the SUB via any standard 3/4" port


The sensors follow the liquid flow in the reactor, measuring throughout the volume


Each sensor measurement is associated with a position in the reactor for further analysis

Key data insights

New avenues for process development and monitoring

Freesense's Single-Use System is designed to give unparalleled insights into the conditions experienced by your cell culture.

Don't settle for measuring a single point in your reactor - unlock the most comprehensive view of your process available.
Measure pH and DO gradients throughout your entire process
Analyze flow and mixing performance and identify dead zones in your medium
Document your process in detail with comprehensive measurements from throughout your fluid volume
Monitor for deviations from ideal conditions in real-time
Industry-leading hardware

Meet our sensors

Our unique hardware has been developed in-house by our own technical experts to meet the needs of the biopharma industry.

We combine miniaturized components capable of withstanding high temperature sterilization with high-precision sensor implementations for the best possible result.
  • Unique patented positioning technology
  • Designed for aseptic injection through standard ports
  • High-resolution measurements throughout your full process
  • Certified USP class 6 exterior
  • Real-time wireless CPP monitoring
  • Miniaturized design for optimal flow behavior
Proven results

Building on our expertise

We're taking our years of successful projects in stainless steel bioreactors into the future of biopharma.

Our devices have helped key players in both industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical fermentation tune their processes and troubleshoot their batches.
James Zahn PhD
Vice President, Technology & Quality Systems
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“The work we have done with Freesense have resulted in multi-million-dollar (USD) savings to our variable manufacturing cost, and a new understanding of how to optimize our production.”

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